Lishi Tools, Mr. Li’s Introduction

Mr. Li, the inventor, designer, and manufacturer of Lishi Tools, is introducing his original tools, when the all new 2-in-1 decoder and picks were released. This is the very first video of a series training videos, recorded by himself and his trainees.

In his video, Mr. Li said the necessity of developing an all new, easy to use automotive lock pick, to pick a lock more efficient than old-school tools for example single hooks, because these tools can’t be able to decode the lock to make a new key.

After releasing the first generation Lishi single picks (Lishi laser picks), Mr. Li spent 3 years on researching and developing a new revolutionary tool, which can be used to not only pick the lock, but also decode the lock, then a locksmith is able to cut a replacement key with his Lishi key cutter.

Mr. Li is the master locksmith who’s also very kind hearted on promoting his tools, and training other locksmiths. Videos are a good way for any starters to learn from. Next video, Mr. Li will explain how a Lishi tool works. Stay tuned!

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