We had a previous video demonstrating picking and decoding a DWO5/CH1 lock, while in this video, Mr. Li is showing you how to pick and decode a GM lock with Lishi DWO4R 2-in-1 decoder and pick. It’s very simple, and you can pick the lock with the following steps:

  1. Insert the key blade into the bottom of the keyway, and apply clockwise pressure against the tension wrench. Hold it steady with your left hand.
  2. With your right hand, insert the Lishi pick tool with the flat edge shallow down aligning it to the tallest pin in the lock.
  3. Pivot the Lishi tool back and forth to lift each alignment pin to the proper height. Stop pivoting on each of the aligning pins when they pop to the necessary height – Use light tension if required.
  4. Rotate the plug with the tension wrench gently until the pins holding the barrel points within the barrel enchantment gates – now roll the tool remaining flat inside through the wards while decoding entire moves.
  5. Detailed movement sequence and positions of the fillers in the reading-gin shed of the Lishi stamp will tell you the cuts required for the key to open the aligned mechanism.

If the decoding process is unclear, repeat the process from step 4 again, as it usually just takes practice. Once you have deciphered the appropriate key cut from the decoding tool, you can use a duplicator or a key file to reproduce the key precisely, or the lock can be within marketing limits replaced accordingly.

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