In this video, Mr. Li is demonstrating how to pick and decode DAT17/SUB2 Subaru door lock, with Lishi DAT17 2-in-1 decoder and pick. Lishi DAT17 is designed for DAT17 / SUB2 keyway, that is 5 Cuts 4 Depths, 4 track external.

Lishi DAT17 is a type of lock pick tool that can be used to open some car locks. It is designed to work with locks that have a DAT17 keyway, which is common in some Subaru models. Lishi DAT17 has two functions: picking and decoding. Picking means using the tool to manipulate the pins inside the lock until it opens. Decoding means using the tool to read the bitting code of the key, which can be used to make a duplicate key. Lishi DAT17 is made of stainless steel and has a comfortable handle.

This official video is in Chinese dialect, if you don’t understand, Bored Lock Picker from YouTube has a review of the Lishi DAT17 2-in-1 decoder and pick, and it’s in English.

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